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Blueprints360 is a global provider of 360° spherical video and blueprint integration for commercial, industrial and institutional organizations.  Our innovative Video Blueprints can be used for enhanced situational awareness and analysis, as well as an immersive tool for training, marketing and planning.  Our spherical video camera system ensures a comprehensive look at your buildings, infrastructure and physical assets by capturing every angle imaginable. The video data and GIS coordinate information are merged with your blueprints or floorplans to create the Video Blueprint, a completely interactive, user-controlled, full-motion video of your facility.  Click here to learn more about Blueprints360.


OneLinkUSA is your one source for the latest technology in television, phone and Internet services.  Our team provides advanced communication services, including cable TV, DISH Network, digital phone and high-speed Internet, to apartments, condominiums, planned developments and homeowners’ associations across the Southeast.  Click here to learn more about OneLinkUSA.

IET Systems

IET Systems is one of the largest and most experienced full-service system integrators on the Gulf Coast for clients in the commercial, industrial, government and military fields.  With high standards in quality and safety, IET Systems proudly holds an “A” rating with ISNetworld, a global resource for companies and organizations to connect with safe, reliable contractors who meet industry and regulatory standards in health and safety.  Uniquely qualified to design, install and maintain all types of security, surveillance and communication systems, IET’s team offers a broad range of services, including microwave transmission systems, fiber optic cabling, CCTV systems, access control and video analytics, just to name a few.  Click here to learn more about IET Systems.

Eye on Progress

EyeOnProgress offers construction camera solutions for all types of construction projects, including buildings, infrastructure, vessels and disaster recovery.  Clients can view images through a secure website, which can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection.  Our online interface allows you to save, print and e-mail images, view split screens and overlays and see up-to-the-minute images of your construction site.  Click here to learn more about EyeOnProgress.

Virtual Guard Service

Virtual Guard Service offers interactive video monitoring solutions to all types of businesses, including retail, commercial, residential and industrial.  Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, our trained staff can monitor your property 24/7 from a remote facility and provide immediate assistance if suspicious activity is detected.  Click here to learn more about Virtual Guard Service.

DISH Network

Integrated Electronic Technologies, Inc. is an authorized dealer of DISH Network.  With over 500 channels available, DISH Network offers the best in satellite television, including premium channels, HDTV, international packages, digital and HD DVR and much more.  Click here to learn more about DISH Network.