IET Companies Page

At Integrated Electronic Technologies, we abide by specific core values, which are reflected in our corporate culture and commitment to our clients.  These values and beliefs are the basis of how we run our business here at IET, and we proudly demonstrate these attributes in our day-to-day operations.


We ensure that all of our business is conducted with the utmost integrity and uphold high standards of conduct for all of our employees.


We seek to recognize the long-term value of each of IET’s divisions in order to further develop our business for optimal results accordingly. 


We nurture the relationships with each of our clients and seek to understand them on an individual basis.  We strive to exceed their expectations and enhance our business in accordance with their current and future needs.


Employees at IET are accountable for all of their work, ensuring the greatest effort is being delivered to the company, as well as the community.  We strictly enforce health and safety regulations and strive for excellence in these areas.


We strive to create a vision of how our business will continually grow and remain profitable.  We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to further this vision through our actions and attitudes.


Our employees are fully trained and qualified for their specific positions and openly share their knowledge with others, thus allowing for the most efficient and profitable decisions to be made for the company and its clients.


We approach all of our client and internal relationships with honesty and humility to maintain trust with one another in all aspects of our business.  


We treat all of our clients and all of our employees with dignity and respect.  We show appreciation for the skills each individual brings and promote solid teamwork throughout the company.